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Janice Le Brun

Being an artist has taught Janice to see the beauty that God has given to the world. She feels that if she can capture even a small amount of this creation, He will be glorified. She is thankful to have been allowed to leave a mark in her Hometown community of Ashland, Kentucky for the past 25 years. Being an artist is the best of all worlds. You can paint the object or scene as to what it might have been, what you actually saw, or what you might imagine. You can tell stories, record history, illustrate your dreams, or document local architecture. Janice captures the ?hometown? life by painting what everyone sees everyday but with a different perspective. For example, catching the early morning shadows on flower petals, on the side of a house or across a path in the woods. Better still, capturing a field of blue Chicory flowers in the summer. Janice has a studio in the Pendleton Art Center in Ashland, Kentucky where she teaches watercolor, acrylic, and children?s art. She also accepts home or business commissions.
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