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Gary Lapelle

Gary Lapelle was born and lives in Huntington, WV. He is a graduate of Art Instruction Schools, in cartooning and attended art classes at Marshall University. Gary has used his cartoons to illustrate many pamphlets and two books: Coaches? Guide to Nutrition & Weight Control, by Pat Eisenman and Dennis Johnson. This book was offered and used as text books at various universities in the U.S. ; ?Doc, Don?t Tell Anyone?, by the late Carl T. Baker, DVM. A local vet. He has had several designs bought and used by THASC Sales Company out of Florida. This company buys art from handicapped artists across the country. Gary contracted polio at the age of three leaving him with paralyzed arms and limited use of his right hand. Locally, his love of animals has helped him created portrait quality paintings of people?s pets from snap-shots. He still loves cartooning and creates whimsical drawings and offers them to the public at different venues in the area, also will custom design cartoons upon request. Gary has been a member of Tri-State Arts Association for well over 40 years and is currently a board member, and does the newsletter for the organization. He is also a member of The Renaissance Gallery at the Old Huntington High building.
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