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TSAA Newsletter
Gary Lapelle, Editor, February 2015

Editor's note: I would like to apologize for the timing and format of the last two newsletters. My computer decided it was through and is now in that cyber-space in the sky. Timing was terrible.  December's newsletter was due, and my Christmas cards needed to be worked on. My computer is needed heavily when I do my cards. Thanks to Rabert.  I relied on him to get a newsletter out for December. 
I do have a new computer now, but I'm not out of the woods yet. My new computer operating system is Windows 8. It's totally new to me, and I have to learn it. Hopefully I'll learn my way around it soon.

Spring Membership Drive
Jury date, March 14, 2015; Location, Huntington Museum of Art, studio 2; Drop Off, 9:00 am; Pick up between 1:00 & 1:30 pm; Jury Fee: $15.00 nonrefundable 

Contact: Leona Mackey, Jury Chairperson: Phone: 304-523-8391 Email:

Board Protocol Handout: Annual Art-in-the-Park (AIP) Participation.
This handout outlines a new direction for organizational activities of members in good standing. The resolution covers eligible, cost, the two-meeting discount, and the new members AIP qualification. The handout will be available at the sign-in table, and the information will is permanently posted to the TSAA website.

Sponsored Workshop Survey
Plein Air Workshop survey. Please fill out Workshop Interest form. Pati Payne will be presenting the information at an upcoming Board meeting. The survey will be available at the sign-in table.

Meeting Workshop/ Demonstration Format
The Board has moved to a meeting workshop/demonstration mentality for its general meetings to “further the art education of its members” and to create opportunities for discussion and exchange of ideas. Consequently, the board will be using handouts and a brief few minutes, of course exceptions may occur intermittently, to get things going and to maximize our activities throughout 2015. It will be educational and enjoyable!

To get things off the ground, we will be playing musical easels. Libby is bringing acrylics, charcoals, pastels, and music. Ron is bringing watercolors, Kathy H. is bringing oils and palette knives, and Rabert is bringing drawing pencils and a full sheet.

Renaissance Art Gallery is changing!
Fern Christian, director of the Renaissance Gallery, announced major changes are in the future plans for the gallery. Up until now Renaissance has operated as a showcase gallery, giving local artists a place to display and sell their work. Plans now are in the works to turn the gallery into a working and teaching gallery. Art lessons seem to be in high demand by the general public and many artists that like to work and learn in a group. This would be a great place for indoor workshops. With the Mayor’s desire to promote Huntington as an art center, this gives artists an opportunity to take part in sharing their talents. Artists meeting and painting together, hopefully this will be a fun and enjoyable time for all. TSAA has many artists that are giving art lessons out of their homes to one or two students at a time. The gallery can offer room to artists for instructing several students at one time. If you would like to take part in the new Renaissance Art Gallery, or learn more about it contact Fern Christian at, 304-633-2724 or 304-453-3187.  She would be happy to answer any questions you might need to ask. There are other benefits with making use of the gallery. Call and check it out.

Meeting Dates
February's Gerenal meeting date is February 12th, and March's Board meeting is March's 12th. TSAA’s next general.

Member’s News
Peggy McComas placed several times t the Ashland Art-in the-Park held this September. She had 4 first place awards. 1 second place awards, 2 third place awards and 1 honorable mention.

Maurice Mufson’s photograph “Light and Solitude” was juried in the Marshall University 4th Annual National Juried Art Exhibition at the Marshall University Visual Arts Center and his photograph was awarded one of only two "Honorable Mention” awards given by the juror. The exhibit opened January 15, 2015.