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September 19th

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August 21st

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Below are the pages for our prospectus. They are sized for 8.5x11 inches (letter) for easy printing. Please READ everything to make the process of dropping your art off easier.

February 24th

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The next meeting for TSAA is on Thursday, March 8, 6:30 pm in Studio 2 of the Huntington Museum of Art (behind main building). We would love to see our members--first general meeting in 2018. Remember that your attendance will count toward reduction in your cost for Art in Park in June.



Linda Clifford (a TSAA member) will be sharing Zentangle.

Zentangle is referred to by the certified instructors as, "Doodling with a purpose." Their key phrase for people who don't think they can learn it is, "Anything is possible, one stroke at a time" of which I am living proof.


Benefits of Zentangle: Relaxation / stress reliever

Non-verbal journalling

Modifying behavior / anger management

Nurture and develop creative abilities Improve eye/hand coordination

Increase attention span and ability to concentrate

Problem Solving


They have done studies that show if some people do Zentangle while listening to a lecture, they will retain more information from the lecture than if they just sit & listen. I have tried this & have found it to be true.


I don't pretend this is fine art, but it is relaxing, more so than many other hobbies. furnished by Linda Clifford.


Please note: the February TSAA newsletter will be forwarded via email to members in the next few days. Members without a current email address will be mailed a copy at their directory address. It will be sent out this week.

February 8th

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TriState Art Association would like to invite you to our Spring jury session. The date is March 17 at the Huntington Museum of Art. We will meet in the studios behind the museum.




Be at least 18 years of age.

Reside in West Virginia, Ohio, or Kentucky.


Submit five (5) pieces of your original work in one media for review by the jury committee along with a short artist statement. Information about what should be included is on the web.

Work must be presented in a professional manner: oil paintings framed ,

works on paper matted and framed. Works in other media, i.e. drawing, pottery, photography, printmaking, and sculpture should be suitably presented. All 2D art should have wires on the back for hanging. Work must be original! Copies made from other artwork or from photographs in books and magazines are not acceptable. There is a $20.00 nonrefundable fee for JURYING. The next jury session is October 14, 2017.


Artists should arrive at 9:00am, set up their work, fill out required contact information, present Artist Statement, pay fees and return at 12:30-1:00 pm to pick up work. Work will be judged on: originality; good use of design, color, value; unity; harmony; and craftsmanship. You will be notified by mail ofthe jurors decision,


TSAA has 6 meetings each year. The meetings are the second Thursday of every other month. at this time, we will have speakers and workshops. Annual dues is $20.00.


To participate in our Art ln The Park exhibit & sale the cost is $45 to rent an easel,

members that have attended TWO meetings per year, the cost is $25 for the weekend. This event is usually held in June and in the fall at Ritter Park in Huntington, WV.


The Annual Holiday Party in December counts as a meeting as does the summer picnic in August. Informational meetings are held every two months.


Our Active website www.tristatearts.web, com features club news and ; and is for each member to display their artwork, bio, etc. and email access to the TSAA Group.


Our Biennial Exhibition at the Huntington Museum of Art will be in 2018..


Join these talented members that enjoy...Acrylic, Drawing, Mixed Media, Oil Painting, Pastel, .Pen and Ink, Photography, Pottery ,Printmaking, Sculpture,Watercolor and Woodcarving.



We look forward to meeting new artist & seeing new work. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call.

Kathy Welch contact info:

[email protected]

OR Call me at 304 412 5783 preferably after 5

November 23rd

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Well known West Virginia artist, Frankie Wheeler passed away Nov. 17, 2017. She was a member of TSAA for many years, mother of member Pati Payne and a friend to many of the club members. Her visitation begins at noon and the funeral is at 1 pm on Saturday Nov. 25 at Tyler Mountain Funeral Home in Cross Lanes, WV. The full obituary, video, slide show, directions and place for comments is on the website

September 22nd

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August 17th

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"An Evening with Thorney Lieberman"

This will be at our next general meeting in one of the studios behind the Museum of Art in Huntington on Thursday September 14th at 6:30.

This New York native begin his career in Architectural Photography in his home state and became very well-known for his work in that field. He worked with many top architects, including being the main photographer for Mr. I. M. Pei (winner of the Pritzker Prize, in 1983, sometimes termed the Nobel Prize of Architecture.

Thorny later moved to Colorado, where he developed a unique technique for producing life-size images, which he applied to creating full-size images of the Native Americans in ceremonial dress.

After another move, this time to West Virginia, his wife's own home state, Thorney applied the technique he had developed to life-size portraits of coal miners and their families, producing poignant images, many of children.

His body of work has been exhibited around the world. He has taught Architectural Photography and has presented private workshops.

We are very pleased that he has agreed to spend an evening with us. With his background, his history

of adapting to his situation and his interest in the process of photography, this should be an interesting

and education program.



November 9--member Larry Sumpter will demo his approach to painting in oil and acrylics, as well as share a bit about his development as an artist. His work has been featured in juried shows and he is a member of Tamarack.

December 14 Annual Holiday Party at the Underwood Center.

December 21st

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November 3rd

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September 28th

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Our next jurying session is October 15th 2016 at the Huntington Museum of Art. Below is information on how you can participate:

Be at least 18 years of age and a resident of West Virginia, Ohio, or Kentucky.

Please contact Leona Mackey. She is the jury coordinator- home, 304.523.8391 or cell, 304.633.8391

Submit five (5) pieces of your original works in one medium i.e. five (5) oils, five (5) watercolors, five (5) photographs, etc. for review by the jury committee.


Work presented in a professional manner - two dimensional works like oil and arcylic paintings on canvas framed, works on paper like drawings, photography, and printmaking matted and framed. Works in other meda I.e., pottery and sculpture should be suitably presented.


Work must be original. Copies made from other artwork or from photographs in books and magazines are not acceptable.


There is a $15.00 nonrefundable Jury fee.


ATTENTION: Photography Category


"The Tri-State Arts Association requires a pre-screening process for artists jurying in the photography category. The club receives more artists applying in this category than any other and yet only a small percentage is accepted into the club. The TSAA wishes to change this trend by asking these artists to submit digital files to our email so that they may be reviewed by a panel, and constructive feedback be provided for a more successful jurying process. Acceptable entries will be judged on composition, color, tonal values, editing processes, and creativity. Please submit (5) JPEG images at web quality to: [email protected] at least 2 weeks in advance to the jurying date.