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Board Protocol: Annual Art-in-the-Park (AIP) Participation

This resolution has three sections:

1. All TSAA members in good standing are eligible to participate in Art in the Park regardless of their level of participation in other TSAA activities.

2. The easel fee for Art in the Park will be $45 per easel. Members who participate in two meetings in the 12 months preceding the Art in the Park event will receive a discount of $20 per easel.

3. New members who have juried into TSAA in the 12 months preceding the Art in the Park event will be eligible for participation at the time of their initial dues payment, having then become qualified members in good standing. They will receive the $20 discount in recognition of their new membership.


This resolution is intended to recognize that all juried members in good standing should have access to all organization activities. It is intended to enhance participation of the membership in our signature, yearly, promotional activity. It supports the encouragement of newly juried members to immediately begin to participate in this event with rest of the membership. There should be no better way to become an active part of the organization than by spending the weekend in the park with the active members.

In support of these resolutions, the Board is committed to maintaining complete and accurate attendance information to identify those eligible for discounts, and, in addition, to promote participation among new members and support them with information to prepare them to participate in the event.

The Board is committed to encourage attendance in bi-monthly organization meetings by providing programming that is interesting, useful and informative to the membership and by offering additional social time for formal and informal member interaction.

Board Approval, November 13, 2014

Mission Statement

“The mission of the Tri-State Arts Association is to encourage, promote, create and sustain the arts in the Huntington Tri-State Area.” This mission statement succinctly reflects article II of the bylaws and may be used on all informational, promotional, and educational materials developed by the Board.
Written Dr. Maury Mufson.
Board approved 8/11/2015

Dissemination and Inclusion

Goal: To provide an educational platform for members and non-members to demonstrate and discuss with others their art at our bimonthly general meetings.

Action: encourage the local artists, students and the public to our general meetings; disseminate educational information and seek programing from prominent regional artists for lecture, demonstration, and hands on activities.


Goal: create a sponsorship program with long and short term program objectives; seek community and business leaders from the greater Ashland/Huntington area to actively support and participate in the Association’s Biennial Award Ceremony and general funding.

Actions: Appoint committee members to work with liaison Director; develop stronger brand recognition through advertising and informational articles in magazines like the Huntington Quarterly; provide advertising space in Biennial program for sponsors; and create a sponsorship recognition page on the TSAA website, certificates, and other materials as the Board identifies needs.

Board approved 8/11/2015